Latest News:

28/01/14: Three new &A papers on the first results of the CALYPSO survey: Maret et al., Maury et al. and Codella et al.

03/12/13: New ApJ paper with Dana Anderson, Ted Bergin and Valentine Wakelam on the “missing sulfur problem” in the dense interstellar medium

03/12/13: New A&A paper with Romane Le Gal, Pierre Hily-Blant, Alex Faure et al. on the nitrogen chemistry in dark clouds

20/09/13: New A&A paper with Ted Bergin and Mario Tafalla on the chemical structure of prestellar cores



I am a member of the CNRS Research staff in the molecular astrophysics group (Astromol) of The Institute for Planetology and Astrophysics of Grenoble (IPAG). My research interests include star and planet formation, astrochemistry, and radio/infrared astronomy. More informations are available in the research pages.


My research is currently funded by the CNRS and by the ANR via a young researcher grant, contract number ANR-12-JS05-0005 (Chemodyn).

Former group

I am a former member of the Star and Planet Formation group at the University of Michigan Department of Astronomy where I was employed for four years (2004-2008) as a postdoctoral researcher.