Pierre-Yves Longaretti                pyl at obs.ujf-grenoble.fr

IPAG (Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble)
BP 53
38041 Grenoble Cedex 9



April 2011: paper with G. Lesur published in A&A : MRI turbulence is direct in Fourier space, but long-range, explaining the origin of the dependence of MRI transport on viscous and resistive dissipation

12/10/10: general lecture on human development and environmental challenges. Autrans, "environmental impacts of electronic wastes" workshop

11/10/10: workshop on climate regional projections and impact of climate change on hydrological regimes and biodiversity held at OSUG. See this page for more details.

06/0610: Participation to a round table and public discussion on the theme Understanding the present crisis (18:30, Café des Arts, 36 rue Saint-Laurent, Grenoble)

08/04/10: Paper with G. Lesur on non ideal MRI accepted in A&A: at small Pm, turbulent transport is controlled by Rm


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Updated: June 2010

Major research themes

I am research scientist of the French National center for Research (CNRS), at LAOG, and previously at LAT (Toulouse Astrophysics Laboratory). My research activity is divided between theoretical astrophysics and sustainability science.

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On the astrophysical side, the dynamics of gravitational systems - mostly planetary ring dynamics and globular cluster dynamics - has been my first area of research. More recently, I have been working on hydrodynamic and MHD turbulence in accretion discs. The recent aspects of my research activity are described in the Astrophysics section.

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Since 2005, I have been spending an increasing fraction of my time on environmental issues and their relations to human development, both in terms of outreach and research. My research activity on this front bears on the question of sustainability of coupled social-ecological systems at the local to regional scales. This aspect of my activity is described in the Sustainability section.

Recent students

Jean-Yves Courtonne (04/11 -  ) : internship on Matter Flux Analysis of territories (from employment catchment area to a French region in size) at INRIA
Abhishek Upahyay (03/10-05/10): internship on the TRANUS model at INRIA (in collaboration with Emmanuel Prados and Elise Arnaud)
Djaoued Abdelkader (08/09- ): PhD on the stability of MHD jets
Geoffroy Lesur (04/05-07/08): internship and PhD on HD and MHD turbulence in accretion disks