Academic lectures at Université Grenoble Alpes

Enseignements transversaux



2015-2017PHY533FObservational astrophysics
2014-2017PSTG421BCoordination of the Undergraduate master students internship program
2014-2017PHY4122 Non-linear dynamics and chaos / Physique non linéaire and chaos
2013-2017UET Humanité Arts Sciences
2012-2016STE35G Mécanique des fluides / Fluid mechanics
2012-2014PHY11BLois de conservation (énergie et fluides) / Conservation laws (energy and fluids)
2010-2011PHY113Optique pour biologistes / Optics for biologists
2009-2013PHY553BPhysics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium
2008-2009PHY112Optique / Optics
2008-2009PHY124Electrocinétique / Electricity
2008-2015SCI122Les Couleurs en Science / Colors in Science
2008-2010PHY411Physique atomique et moleculaire (TP) / Atomic and molecular physics (lab)

Écoles internationales / Lectures in International schools

IRAM Schools

2012 (PdBI) "(Sub)mm antenna and their calibration"
2010 (PdBI) "mm antenna and their calibration"
2007 (30m) "Wide-field spectro-imaging"
2006 (PdBI) "mm antenna"
2004 (PdBI) "Calibration at mm wavelength"
2001 (30m) "Introduction to radio astronomy observation"