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Chimeric shape model of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko :

A composite model generated from 67P/CG shape and 81P/Wild2 shape model

Herique,A.,et al., Rosetta rendezvous and CONSERT operations in 2014:
A chimeric surface model of 67P/Churyumov Gerasimenko. Planetary and Space Science (2012), doi: 10.1016/j.pss.2012.03.003

A chimeric shape model of 67P by combining the large-scale Lamy model and the 81P/Wild 2 small-scale model. Although this model does not describe the real 67P nucleus shape it has a complexity similar to the conditions to be expected during the early stages of the mission and has an advantage to use the real measurements on the cometary surface. It may also be useful for the other teams working on the Rosetta and Philae projects.

CHIMERIA-1 and CHIMERIA-2, the first releases of the CHIMERIC shape model have been derived from the Solution A1 of Lamy model as described in Lamy, 2007. This two models are presented in Herique and al 2012. For these models inertial axis is not identical to the axis of maximum inertia, for constant density and axis system is not coherent with classical convention. With a good approximation, inertial axis of chimeric model is the same than inertial axis of the applied 67P/CG shape model.

CHIMERIA-3 and CHIMERIA-4 have been posteriorly derived from reference shape models rev 0 and rev 1 as defined by ESA in the frame of the ROSETTA mission operation preparation (cf. RO-ESC-TN-5566).

CHIMERIA-3 is derived from modified Lamy B2 shape model (ESA rev 0).

CHIMERIA-4 is derived from Lowry shape model recently published (Lowry et al 2012, ESA rev 1).

CHIMERIA model Base model ROS Format OBJ Format On-line view
CHIMERIA-1 Lamy, 2007 - A1 CHIMERIA_1_V1.ROS CHIMERIA_1_V1.obj CHIMERIA_1_V1.xhtml
CHIMERIA-2 Lamy, 2007 - A1 CHIMERIA_2_V1.ROS CHIMERIA_2_V1.obj CHIMERIA_2_V1.xhtml
CHIMERIA-3 ESA reference model rev 0
modified from Lamy, 2007 - B2
CHIMERIA-4 ESA reference model rev 1
from Lowry, 2012

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