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European Extremely Large Telescope

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The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) is a revolutionary scientific project for a 40m-class telescope that will allow us to address many of the most pressing unsolved questions about our Universe. The E-ELT will be the largest optical/near-infrared telescope in the world and will gather 13 times more light than the largest optical telescopes existing today. The E-ELT will be able to correct for the atmospheric distortions (i.e., fully adaptive and diffraction-limited) from the start, providing images 16 times sharper than those from the Hubble Space Telescope. The E-ELT will vastly advance astrophysical knowledge by enabling detailed studies of planets around other stars, the first galaxies in the Universe, super-massive black holes, and the nature of the Universe's dark sector.

General ESO documents on the E-ELT project

  • Project general presentation
  • Science with the E-ELT
  • Design Reference Mission Document (science cases)
  • Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation roadmap (PDF; July 2012; S. Ramsay)
  • Science with E-ELT (PDF; July 2012; M. Kissler-Patrick)

    Presentations and publications related to the E-ELT project

    Workshop "Stellar Physics with the E-ELT" (Feb 4th, 2013):
  • Workshop program and presentations
  • E-ELT & Circumstellar environments presentation (PDF; G. Chauvin)
  • PCS presentation (PDF; G. Chauvin)

    Shaping E-ELT Conference (May 26th, 2013):
  • Workshop program
  • and presentations
  • Exoplanets with E-ELT CAM and IFU (PDF; G. Chauvin)

    Presentations given at IPAG (ITA, SHERPAS, PLANETO, FOST and ASTROMOL; April 2013)
  • E-ELT general presentation (PDF; G. Chauvin)

    AO4ELT Conference (May 26th, 2013):
  • Conference Website
  • E-ELT View of the circumstellar environments (PDF; G. Chauvin)
  • Proceeding (PDF; G. Chauvin)

    SF2A 2013 E-ELT Workshop (June 7th, 2013):
  • Conference Website
  • presentation

    ESO, Observing exoplanetary systems (February 3rd, 2014):
  • Conference Website
  • and presentations