Latest News:

25/07/17: new paper on dust properties in pre- and protostellar sources in Taurus using NIKA: Bracco et al. (2017), A&A, 604, A52

13/08/16: new paper on the amount of very cold gas in cores of various maps: Steinacker et al. (2016), A&A, 593, L5

05/07/16: new paper on the physical structure of a prestellar core: Steinacker et al. (2016), A&A, 593, A6


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I am a staff member in the star formation group (Odyssey) of the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics of Grenoble (IPAG). My research interests include the physics and chemistry of prestellar cores, in particular the formation of complex organic molecules, the physical structure, kinematics, as well as dust properties. As a CNAP astronomer, I am also involved in teaching at Grenoble Alps University and devote a third of my time to duties for the astronomical community. More information is available by clicking on the menu on the left.