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Academics (Licence, Master, PhD, other)

- Introductory lectures to astrophysics
- Master degree in astrophysics
- PhD lectures
- Large audience lectures

Introductory lectures to astrophysics

Interdisciplinary lectures

Lectures crossing several disciplines are offered at the undergraduate level. Some of these are centered mainly on astrophysics :

  • Cosmology for everybody : origin of the Universe, Black Holes
  • Stars and Planets
  • Planets, Asteroids, Comets
  • Observational Astronomy

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More specialized lectures

L2 to M1 levels :

  • L2, PHY242 « Modern physics » : observational cosmology fundamentals, the Solar System, Birth and Death of the Stars ;
  • L3, PHY364 « Astrophysics I » : gravitation and introduction to cosmology ;
  • M1, PHY421F « Astrophysics II » : matter and radiation, the interstellar medium, star formation, solar system and magnetosphere ;
  • M1, PHY421L « Plasma Physics » : basic concepts, magnetohydrodynamics, astrophysical flows, thermonuclear fusion.

Laboratory, L3/M1levels :

  • many different proposed experiments : globular cluster photometry, solar spectroscopy, origin of the cosmic radiation.

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Master 2 « Astrophysics, Plasmas and Planets »

Université Joseph Fourier offers a specialized master in astrophysics, plasma, and planetary science, which covers all fields required to pursue in a PhD in any field of modern astrophysics and planetary science. Specialized lectures in plasma physics broaden the scope and open to positions in the field of e.g. nuclear fusion. The topics covered by the Master degree in astrophysics are (see here for a detailed list) :

  • all objects harboured in our Universe ;
  • the underlying physical processes required to understand the Universe ;
  • modern observational astrophysics.

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Doctoral lectures

During their PhD, students must obtain 16 ECTS, splitted among several types of lectures (opening, specialized, professional). A list of these lectures may be found here.

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Large audience lectures

A series of lectures are proposed, dedicated to a broader audience with no particular background in physics. These lectures are also opened to non-student people. A list of these lectures may be found here.

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