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IPAG plays a key role in the formation in astrophysics both locally and nationally . Teachers and researchers of the laboratory are heavily involved at various levels, within the Université Joseph Fourier and Université de Savoie, the IUT (Institut Universitaire de Technologie) and engineering schools as well (e.g. Polytech Grenoble). Moreover, IPAG plays a leading role in the Master 2 "Astrophysics, Plasmas and Planets" (A2P) which attracts students from all over France, as well as ERASMUS students in Grenoble.

With the wide variety of research topics developed at IPAG, our institute welcomes every year many students from the M2R A2P but also from other Masters in France and Europe, as well as undergraduate students in physics, engineering and technology schools. The deep involvement of the IPAG in training and research is rewarded by a high proportion of PhD students, which represent a third of the research staff.

Contacts :
- Jonathan Ferreira, Master of Physics
- Mathieu Barthélémy, M2 A2P
- Pierre Hily-Blant, correspondant for the Teaching at IPAG

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