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Séminaire du Jeudi 30 Janvier 2014

Inverse problem approaches for hyperspectral data : toward a better exploitation of integral field spectrographs and polychromatic interferometers.

Ferreol Soulez (CRAL) Thursday January 30th - 11am Manuel Forestini Seminar Room - IPAG

Most second generation instruments for the VLT (KMOS, MUSE, SPHERE) and the VLTI (MATISSE, GRAVITY) produce hyperspectral data cube. Surprisingly, only few signal processing methods are dedicated to such data. In my talk, I will present recent advances in hyperspectral signal processing for restoration (deconvolution) in integral field spectroscopy and image reconstruction in polychromatic interferometry. I will show that, with a careful and physically based processing, it is possible to retrieve more information from the data. The benefit of in sensibility and resolution will be illustrated on both simulated (MUSE, GRAVITY) and real data (KMOS, SNIFS, PIONIER).

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