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Séminaire du Jeudi 12 Juin 2014

WEAVE : The next-generation Northern Hemisphere Spectroscopic Survey Facility

Scott Traeger (Kapteyn Astro. Institute) Thursday June 12th - 11am IPAG Seminar Room - IPAG

I will discuss the design of and scientific drivers for WEAVE, the next-generation spectroscopic survey facility for the William Herschel Telescope. WEAVE is a fibre-fed, wide-field, high-throughput, moderate-to-high-resolution, wide-band spectrograph, designed and built by the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Italy. WEAVE covers a field of up to 2 degrees diameters with two of its three fibre-fed modes : a 1000-fibre multiobject spectroscopy mode and a mode with 20 "mini" integral field units ; or a single, large (1.5’ x 1.3’) integral field unit. It has two resolution settings : an R=5000 mode covering 366-959 nm and an R=20000 mode covering 404-465 nm in the blue and 595-685 nm in the red. WEAVE has been designed to obtain radial velocities and metallicities for any star reachable from the WHT with Gaia astrometry, as well as detailed abundances for brighter stars, to study the formation and evolution of our Milky Way ; precise redshifts and properties for galaxies selected from the very-low-frequency LOFAR surveys, to study the evolution of AGN and star formation throughout the last two-thirds of cosmic time ; detailed internal kinematics, ionized gas properties, and stellar populations of neutral-gas-selected galaxies from the APERTIF surveys, to study the interplay of gas and stars in galaxies ; and properties of cluster and field galaxies at z<0.5 to probe the effect of environment on galaxy evolution. I will conclude with a status report and a timeline for the completion of the facility and the surveys.

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