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OSUG - Terre Univers Environnement OSUG

Jeudi 9 Juin 2011

Strongly lensed high redshift galaxies identified in Herschel wide surveys. Prospects for IRAM and ALMA observations

Alain Omont, IAP, Paris
Jeudi 9 Juin - 11 h 00
Salle de conférence - IRAM

Ce séminaire est co-organisé avec l’IRAM

The very few early known, strongly lensed high-z sub-mm sources (FIRAS10214, Cloverleaf, APM08279), played a very important role in the development of high-z submm/mm astronomy through pioneer detections of 0.85-1.2mm continuum and CO lines, and various high sensitivity studies allowed by their strong magnification. Herschel wide surveys, which will hopefully observe 1000 deg², are discovering hundreds of similarly strongly lensed submm galaxies (e.g. Negrello et al. 2010). I will first review the current state of mm/submm follow-up of such Herschel lensed galaxies with IRAM and other facilities, for CO redshift determination, mapping mm continuum and CO lines with interferometers, measuring 1.2mm continuum flux density with MAMBO, etc. I will specially stress the case of the recent detection of H2O at PdBI in two such sources at z=2.3 and 3.3 (Omont et al. 2011). These examples give an idea of the numerous studies allowed by strong lensing magnification and the enhanced capabilities of ALMA and NOEMA, using this unique sample of hundreds of Herschel high-z lensed galaxies.

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