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OSUG - Terre Univers Environnement OSUG

Jeudi 7 Avril 2011

The dynamics of planets and planetesimals in turbulent protoplanetary discs

Richard Nelson, Queen Mary, University of London
Jeudi 7 Avril - 11 h 00
Salle Manuel Forestini - IPAG

In this talk I will present recent results concerning the dynamical evolution of planetesimals and planets embedded in protoplanetary discs. The talk will focus in particular on the dynamical stirring of planetesimals in discs with and without dead zones, and the implications for the collisional growth of these bodies, and their radial diffusion throughout the disc during the planet formation epoch. I will also present recent results of simulations that examine the migration torques experienced by low mass planets embedded in turbulent discs, with particular emphasis on the corotation torque.

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