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Message from the Management Team

The Institute for Planetary sciences and Astrophysics Grenoble (IPAG), was born in 2011 from the merger of two laboratories (LPG and LAOG) and is based on the campus of the University Grenoble Alps. With almost 100 permanent staff in 2015, IPAG is one of the largest laboratories of the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe of Grenoble (OSUG).

Research areas at IPAG range from the planetary sub-surfaces to the outer reaches of the Universe, with a strong involvement in the study of stellar and planetary formations. A major part of our activities includes the design, the building and the scientific use of several instruments dedicated to the most powerful telescopes on Earth, as well as space missions. Two major examples of our recent instrumental achievements are : 1) the second generation instrument SPHERE on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) made by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) which saw its first light in 2014 ; and 2) the radar CONSERT experiment aboard the European Space Agency (ESA) mission Rosetta, which reached its target Tchouri in 2015.

Almost all the astrophysics research being conducted at the University of Grenoble is done at IPAG, from laboratory experiments to theoretical calculations, including R&D, the building of instruments, data processing, modelling and interpretation. Along with several industry partnerships, this exceptional environment offers unique opportunities to Master and Doctoral students to start a career in research or in some of the largest companies in France and Europe. Thanks to its international collaborations, foreign students and post-doctoral scientists, IPAG has emerged as a leading international institute on the Grenoble campus.

The new IPAG management team, since April 2015, is composed of :

  • François-Xavier Désert : Director
  • Sylvain Douté : Deputy Director
  • Philippe Feautrier : Technical Director
  • Béatrice Pibaret : Administrative and Financial Director

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